Fed Action, Earnings, & Politics

During the past three months, the stock market has turned in one of its strongest performances in U.S. history. Since early June, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has gained 12%. If this rate of increase continued, it would offer close to a 50% annualized gain.[1] But of course, such expectations are entirely unrealistic. While we … Read more

Genie's Bottle or Pandora's Box?

Markets experienced a sharp rally last week as the Federal Reserve unleashed its long-expected quantitative easing. The major indices closed higher with The S&P gaining 1.94%, the Dow gaining 2.15%, and the Nasdaq picking up 1.52%. Under the pressure of the previous week’s disappointing jobs report, the Fed finally let the genie out of the … Read more

Bull vs. Bear: Point; Counterpoint

The major indices closed out last week in positive territory despite a disappointing jobs report as investors’ disappointment vied with renewed hope that the Fed could take action as early as next week’s FOMC meeting. The S&P gained 2.23%, the Dow gained 1.13%, and the Nasdaq closed up 2.26%.[1] In light of the sustained rally, … Read more