Mixed Signals

Markets had a lackluster week as investors shrugged off two pieces of relatively positive news: that Greeks voted a pro-bailout party into office, and that the Fed took additional action to stimulate the economy. Despite a couple of strong trading sessions, markets ended mixed for the week; the S&P closed down 0.58%, while the Dow … Read more

Looking to the Leaders

Highlighting just how fickle equity markets can be, key indices managed to notch gains last week in spite of precarious conditions in Europe ahead of Greek elections and disappointing economic data. For the week, the S&P advanced 1.3%, the Dow 1.7%, and the Nasdaq 0.5%. The week started on a sour note as investors faced … Read more

Special Report: Markets in Flux

After the sustained selloff in previous trading sessions, the markets rallied Friday to claim a strong gain for the week. The S&P and Dow both booked a 0.8% gain, while the Nasdaq rose 1.0%.[1] With the choppy market performance and gloomy economic sentiment we’ve seen in the past weeks, we wanted to spend some time … Read more

Mining for Opportunities

Gloomy economic data disturbed markets last week and set off alarm bells that the U.S. economy may be following Europe and Asia into a slowdown. Friday’s grim jobs report showed that the economy added just 69,000 new jobs in May, far below consensus estimates, and the unemployment rate rose to 8.2% from April’s 8.1%. Equity … Read more