A Hazy View

Markets started off last week with a bang and managed to hold their gains long enough to snap a three week losing streak. The S&P gained 1.74%, the Dow rose 0.69%, and the Nasdaq notched up 2.11%. Most of the action was driven by bargain-hunting traders striving to snap up deals in advance of potential … Read more

Tough Problems, Tough Solutions

Concerns about Europe and the global economy set a negative tone last week and markets closed out at a loss. The S&P lost 1.15%, while the Dow lost 1.67%, and the Nasdaq 0.76%. On a positive note, the U.S. economy continues to slowly improve as evidenced by a surprisingly positive consumer sentiment report, showing that … Read more

The Prettiest Girl at the Dance

The trading week started off slowly as investors absorbed further troubling news about the state of the global economy: Disappointing manufacturing reports from China, France, and Germany, plus news that the Netherlands might be heading for its own fiscal crisis.[1] Things turned around later in the week though, as domestic equities closed higher on positive … Read more