Don't Buy Into the Hype

Stocks edged higher on Friday after a rough week marked by positive economic news in the U.S. but troubling economic news from Asia. For the week, the S&P and Dow notched their biggest losses of the year, 0.5% and 1.1%, respectively, while the Nasdaq edged up by 0.4%, bolstered by positive earnings in tech stocks.[1] … Read more

Economic News Boosts Stocks

Stocks closed flat on Friday, but all the major indices posted gains of more than 2% this week, their largest one-week advance this year. The week’s gains were primarily driven by a string of positive U.S. economic reports and signs of life in the banking sector. Following Tuesday’s FOMC meeting, the Federal Reserve appears cautiously … Read more

Back From the Brink

Three years ago Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average saw one of its darkest days. Closing at its Great Recession low of 6,547, investors cringed to see how far stocks had fallen from their October 2007 high of 14,164.[1] Since that day, we’ve experienced one of the greatest three-year runs in the history of the … Read more

Stocks, Fuel, and Politics

The S&P 500 and the Nasdaq have been up for eight of the last nine weeks, though mixed economic data caused a minor decline on Friday. The S&P gained 0.28% and the Nasdaq rose 0.44%, but the Dow lost 0.04% for the week. Stocks have been the strongest positive indicator in a slew of mixed … Read more